Shannon Burback Hall - Libby Pool

Was so fortunate to find Libby and her stunning jewelry at the street market at the Rocks today! Not only is the jewelry absolutely amazing, Libby simply glows with an inner light! She made our whole day!

14 January …

Shannon Burback Hall

I’m a kiwi in Aussie who’s been looking for that special paua piece forever and finally found it.

10 September 2016

Leanne Miller
Aaron Anthony Balm

Bespoke beautiful jewellery made with love and devotion. We loved the designs and Libby is an absolutely gorgeous effervescent soul. Her passion clearly transcends into her creations with so much care and attention to detail. They are stunning, …

Rachel Hopkins & Aaron Balm
Jaeme Ogiliver

I was awestruck when I saw Libby’s exquisite work at the Rocks Market on the weekend. So many pieces to yearn after. Luckily I’ll have time to aquire them, I will be a customer for life!

3 November …

Jaeme Ogilvie

Had the most delightful connection with Libby Pool today at The Rocks… her jewelry is stunning, the energy of it is palpably radiant, and it is so evident it is all created with passion! I absolutely love my …

Anne Timpany

Libby, I was so fortunate to meet you and purchase a stunning necklace. Now here in northern Minnesota the inner beauty of the paua against my parka keeps me warm in my own “down under!”

Wanda Hoyum

My husband and I met Libby at the rocks market Sydney on the 9th November. I too bought one of her precious designs. It’s simply stunning!! Thank you

15 November 2014

Loretta Aiello

Hiya Libby. Thank very much a very happy man. Full of quality in you products and the passion clearly show!! Advise anyone to have a look on the website or get in touch well worth it.

13 October 2014 …

Callum Rowe

Libby! I just love love love the waterfall and love you too! Was so great to meet you and I am sure we will be meeting again sometime soon! Xx

9 February 2014

Stevie Jean Drenkhanh

Excellent service and products!

9 August 2014

R. Tabaracci

Libby your creations are amazing and perfectly showcase the beauty of paui shell. No fripperies or fluffy bits required, just the raw material from the sea and your beautiful design.

20 June 2014

Tara Russell

Gorgeous! Love the jewellery and design

15 June 2014

Lori T.

Love Everything!

22 April 2014

Jacqueline A.

Bought a beautiful necklace from Libby today at a The Rocks in Sydney – someone is gonna love it – thanks Libby for taking the time to explain everything that goes into making your beautiful works of art.

17 …

Ross Conwell

I bought a beautiful necklace today at The Rock market and she was so sweet with me and really friendly…
I Love her work and I Love Paua. Thanks again Libby you are so lovely!

4 May 2014

Virginie Teissier