French Helene wearing Seahorse Necklace

Wearing Seahorse Necklace

Mothers day 2016 libbypool

Model Frodi gorgeous inside and out.

Cassie and Andrew McCulloch wearing Princess Necklace Libby Pool Jewellery and Design

This is Cassie & Andrew McCulloch on their wedding day, such a beautiful couple. The Princess Necklace looks absolutely gorgeous on her. Thank you Cassie for letting me use this photo!

Emme Williams FB Winner wearing Matrix Necklace Libby Pool Jewellery

Meet Emme Williams – the winner of my Facebook Matrix Necklace giveaway! Thank you Emme for sending in this gorgeous picture, you look stunning!

Stefania_Bonatti _Taniwa_Necklace_Libby_Pool_Jewellery

Wearing Taniwha Necklace

Ms Rogers USA wearing Seahorse Belt

Wearing Seahorse Belt

Janine from Gold Coast wearing Fleur Necklace on Ribbon

Wearing Fleur Necklace

Charles from Gold Coast wearing Unity Necklace

Wearing Unity Necklace

Kim McLachlan from Canada wearing dew drop

Wearing Dew Drop Necklace

Keala from Hawaii wearing Grey Threat Mayan Necklace

Wearing Grey Thread Mayan Necklace